Rain, hit and miss

July 30, 2012 by Heller Group
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Rains this time of the year are typically a hit and miss proposition. Last week, the week of July 22nd, north of Olivia saw the rains range from .8 tenths to a 1.25″.  South of Olivia 2 or 3 miles, just a few drops.  Our rain gauge at the auction center in Hutchinson read 1.4″ and areas in between Hutch and Olivia, even more rain!  The corn on the hills near Olivia is starting to show some stress from the lack of rain and the 90+ temps we have been experiencing.  August is the month soybeans are typically made and we are all hoping and praying we will be blessed with some timely rains during the month.

The Renville and McLeod County Fairs will be during the middle of August.  I enjoy seeing the 4H kids with their livestock displays at the fair.  I have been helping with the 4H livestock auction at the McLeod Co. Fair for years.  If you can, stop by either or both of the fairs and support these kids.  They work hard all year and the fair is the time and place to show off this hard work.  Encourage them to participate as long as they can.  The livestock numbers seem to be dwindling at these fairs, the fairs need these 4H clubs to help keep the livestock numbers up!

Gary P Hotovec

Hotovec Auction Center



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