Normal Spring or Late Winter?

April 5, 2013 by Heller Group
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On Wednesday the 3rd of April, I visited with a client and he told me last year (2012) on the 27th of March he had all of his small grain seeded. This year? The only thing I’ve seen in the field has been snow on the 27th! The past few years we’ve seen warmer temperatures during late winter and early spring, however this year seems to be looking more like an average spring. Does anyone remember the St. Patrick’s Day Blizzard of 1965 and all the flooding that followed?

I have noticed the frost coming out of some fields however, the water is still sitting in the low ground tells me the tile hasn’t opened yet.

Many farmers are asking themselves – “When will we get in the fields?” In the middle 1960’s when I was still a young pup, Fred Ninow told me something I’ve never forgotten. He said, “Young fella, you just don’t get into the field until 2 things happen in Minnesota in the spring. They are: the snow has to be out of the groves and the ice has to be off of the lakes!”. I’ve watched this during the years that have passed and the saying is still true today as it was back in the ’60’s.

We will get warm temps this spring and the crop will be planted, everyone just has to be patient. When you finally get in the fields with the tractors, equipment and trucks, be careful and don’t work being tired. I was on a fire department for many years and it is not a pretty sight when called to a farm accident. Your family needs you.

Take care
Gary P Hotovec
Heller Group – 1 Stop Realty
Olivia, MN


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