Hello and Happy New Year!

January 7, 2021 by Heller Group
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Hello and Happy New Year!

     As many of you may know from the Heller Group mailings or updates on our website, I am a
fresh face in the business of Farm Management and Real Estate. I am a recent graduate of the
University of Minnesota -Twin Cities, and a newly licensed real estate agent proud to have
signed with Heller Group Land Company LLC. Many of you may recognize my name or know
my face, whether or not you’ve seen me all cleaned up without a cap lately may be another
story. Therefore I’d like to share a little bit more about myself and what I’ve been up to the last
few years.

     I graduated from Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart High School in the spring of 2015, and had
high aspirations for my college years ahead. Many of my family friends and relatives had
attended the University of Minnesota including my parents and my older sister, which made my
decision to pursue an agricultural degree at the Twin Cities Campus an easier one. I was
already aware of all the different groups and opportunities that would be available to me, and
didn’t waste much time getting involved! At the end of my first semester I was a member of the
Gopher Crops and Soils Club, a newly initiated brother of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, and
was working at the UMN Recreation and Wellness Center to make a little extra cash. I spent a
majority of my time either studying or socializing, taking care of business the best I knew how.
Nevertheless I loved my role as a member of our family farm operation. I enjoyed being able to
come home and work throughout the fall along with helping out during the spring when I wasn’t
taking finals.

     As I took my first internship with South Central Grain and Energy (now Central Region
Cooperative), I was able to spend my summer living at home and getting a taste for agricultural
work in a different environment while gaining a better understanding of the true day to day
planning and operations that are involved with managing a row crop farm. After the internship
and my continued business interactions, I’ve learned to value the cooperatives and the structure
its services and employees provide to the farming community.

     With another year of various general ag/ag business courses and a bit of a struggle with
chemistry, I returned home for another summer internship with a local agronomist and great
teacher, Curt Burns. Along with taking on some of the spraying responsibilities as my father
recovered from a hip replacement surgery, it was another summer of learning! One thing that
stuck with me going into the fall of my junior year of college was the importance of the sciences
that surround the agricultural world and this pushed me into the Plant Sciences major where I
furthered my understanding of growing crops. Although I still struggle to rattle off some of the
chemistries involved with crop/pest management, the professors that taught me Soil Science,
Plant Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, and Plant Genetics earned much of my respect as I started to
connect the dots and became even more amazed at the creations that God had blessed us to
work with.

     My last year of interning was spent driving across the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar
Cooperative and Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative regions meeting sugar beet growers as a
sales representative for BetaSeed. Through my experiences going farm to farm and covering
such a large area, I was able to better grasp the expanse of a growing region and the impact of
the economy in various regards to the farmers themselves. It taught me quite a bit about my
personal attributes in dealing with people as well.

     As I graduated with 4 years of college under my belt in the spring of 2019, I was eager to
return to the family farm and hit the ground running. Small town living was much more enticing
and enjoyable to me as I saw the time invested into the community and people around me
seemed more rewarding than what I saw in a future anywhere else. I am committed to lifelong
learning and improving myself in order to better serve others, along with maintaining a sense of
fairness and equality to all who surround me. To me, happiness and success come from some
of the more simplistic things in life; accomplishing a task, helping a friend or neighbor, and
sharing what you believe in without angst or fear of repercussions.

     My vision for the future includes providing a service to land owners and farm operators alike
that follows the values of ethical responsibility and fairness set forth by Roger Heller and the
partners that combine to form the Heller Group Land Company. I wish to serve the surrounding
communities by dedicating my time and talents to help further improve the investments,
productivity, and goals that our clients bring to us. As much as the past year has taught us
about the uncertainty and trying times, I wish that it serves to instill perseverance, faithfulness,
and the overwhelming presence of good. May the New Year serve you well by bringing you
peace and prosperity.

Best Regards,
Scott L Buboltz


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