Heller Group Land Co, LLC’s Continues To Assess COVID-19 Concerns

June 25, 2020 by Heller Group
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COVID-19 & Heller Group Land Co, LLC’s  Response

COVID-19 continues to be a concern throughout America.   We have less exposure in rural Minnesota; however, sporadic new cases continue.  Especially hard hit has been meat/agriculture processing communities which have been declared “essential businesses.”  Our profound gratitude goes out to these people and as well as the dedicated health care workers and their families.

We understand that everyone has been impacted by the pandemic and we have continued concerns.

To our clients and customers, we wish to assure you that we feel confident that we can and will continue to provide superior services, but must do so with some safety precautions.

For the time being, we are practicing social distancing.  Public gatherings such as land auctions have been suspended.  However, privately negotiated sales and online auctions offer safe methods to continue to provide services, with excellent results.

Now more than ever we are using the internet and telephone to provide services to the public.

This spring we have continued to list, sell, and close sales with protocols that provide safety to all.

We miss the opportunity to sit down one on one and converse with you but realize for the interim that we need to forego what was part of the “fun” times in our business.  We are encouraging our clients to call, write, or email us with any inquires.  Our offices are open!

To you and your families, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay “in touch.”  Just because we are now less mobile does not preclude the need to communicate and express how we all are coping.





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