Harvest is in full swing

September 24, 2012 by Heller Group
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The combines and beet lifters are running night and day as the ideal harvesting weather continues.  The dry conditions in the area are making this years harvest progress to almost a record pace.  Unusual as this year has been, it appears that many farmers will finish the corn harvest before finishing with the soybeans.  Many fields of soybeans are maturing uneven with green stalks and dry pods.

Corn yields I’ve been hearing in the local area have been from 150 to 200 bu. plus per acre with soybeans from 25 to 65 bu. per acre, all depends on who got the rain!  I’ve heard the sugar beets are yielding good also in the area.

I talked to my cousin in Iowa last night, he told me a farm that he manages in NE Iowa, 1 to 2 bu. per acre and the corn is 2′ to 3′ high with no ears.  Not everything is all well down on the farm!  Also, I visited with a farmer yesterday who was doing some tile repair by Willmar.  They dug down 10′ to the tile and powder dry all the way down.  This weather is good for the harvesting, but we sure do need rain and moisture before next spring and planting!

Gary P Hotovec

Hotovec Auction Center

Hutchinson, MN


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