Choosing an Estate Personal Representative – Part 1

May 4, 2015 by Heller Group
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I’m an auctioneer and also a Realtor at Heller Group – 1-Stop Realty. Realtors and Auctioneers have worked very closely with many different Personal Representatives over the years. For one to choose a good Personal Representative will have a huge impact on your estate.

First, let’s look at the responsibilities of a Personal Representative (PR) appointed by you to represent you and your wishes. Before I go too far, each of your situations are different and from state to state, there are different laws that will be in effect, so check with your attorney and/or accountant. This article is to be taken as a guideline only and each one of you reading this article are encouraged to consult professional and legal professionals. Be aware, each state in the United States has different rules governing pre-death and post-death issues. If you move, consult with an attorney in your new state to ensure that your current documents are effective. Also, since the laws change often as do your family circumstances, remember to update your documents regularly.

My opinion is that you need to select a PR that is organized, good with handling money and age appropriate. A PR has a tremendous amount of responsibility, depending on the size of your estate. If you have not secured an attorney for your estate before death the first job your PR would have is to select one. The attorney will assist with the probate process. Nominate someone that is willing and able to deal with what may be time consuming activities. From articles I’ve read, your PR should live less than 100 miles from you.

The next blog will be about what the PR does and their responsibilities.
Gary P Hotovec


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