Marshall, Minnesota Land Auction

We have finished another auction and we are excited to share the results!

Parcel 1:   $8,961/acre
Parcel 2:   $8,446/acre
Again, we would like to thank everyone who came
to the auction.  Please check back for further sale updates or upcoming auctions, or if anyone is
thinking of selling farmland, please call us for a
no-obligation consultation!
Heller Group, 1 Stop Realty, Inc. Staff – Olivia, MN
1 Stop Realty, Inc. Staff – Kasson, MN

Great Day Of Auctions!

We just finished with our three auctions in one day in Wheaton, MN!
For anyone that is curious about the prices the land went for, here are some figures:

10:00 AM Auction:

Parcel 1:  $8,755/acre

Parcel 2:  $5,253/acre

Parcel 3:  $5,000/acre
1:30 PM Multi-Parcel Auction:

Parcel 1: $8,044/acre

Parcel 2: $8,044/acre

Parcel 3: $9,218/acre

Parcel 4: $8,044/acre

Parcel 5: $8,044/acre

Parcel 6: $8,044/acre
7:00 PM Auction:

Parcel 1: $3,270/acre

Parcel 2: $7,622/acre


We would like to thank everyone who came to the auction and please check back for further sale updates or upcoming auctions!

Heller Group, 1 Stop Realty, Inc. Staff – Olivia, MN
1 Stop Realty, Inc. Staff – Kasson, MN

9 Farms Sold & 2 to go!

Our auction team this morning sold 3 farms and this afternoon sold 6 farms in Wheaton, MN for Minnesota Farms Co. from Appleton, MN. Just taking a break for dinner and at 7 PM have 2 farms left to sell that are located north of Wheaton.

Bidding has been active and prices strong. The buyers this afternoon bid on 6 farms while we used our computer generated auction program.

If anyone is thinking of selling farmland, especially when a multi-parcel option exists, our auction program will maximize the bidding and selling price on your farmland. Call us for a no-obligation consultation on how this program cam maximize land prices for the seller.

Kirk & Wendy came up from our home office in Kasson, MN and assisted the Heller Group today. More later

G. Rood Auction

On Thursday, March 3rd we had another great land auction! The “SOLD” 49 acre tract is located in Section 35, Kerkhoven Township of Swift County.  This farm was well tiled with a crop production index of 87.3 (that number is on the high end for Swift County).  As with all auctions, the marketing of this farm was handled thoroughly to produce fair market value on auction day….and indeed it did!


Auction day, was comprised of seventeen registered bidders and a room full of “Sweet Scandinavians” who enjoyed listening to the auction, and the fellowship with their cup of coffee and cookie in hand.  The festivities started with a welcome, terms/conditions and the bidding began. The auction opened with a bid of 4,000 per acre and within seconds was at 4,900 per acre.  I told the crowd that the farm was now being sold absolute and we would have a new owner.  Prior to saying sold, I scanned the crowd one more time to give everyone in the room an equal opportunity.  There was no more bids, the strong bidding had already taken place and I said SOLD!  The contract price came to $5,196 (that includes the buyers premium). Most importantly, our goal is to provide quality service and a “first rate” auction experience to our sellers and buyers.  All of the parties involved were very pleased with the auction.


I haven’t checked yet, however, I believe this may be a record sale for Swift County.  Currently, land prices are at an all time high and I believe the the driving force is high commodity prices and the lack of supply versus the high demand.  If you are considering selling, the prices have never been better and the capital gains tax rate is still historically low.  Call us today for a private consultation regarding what your farm land is worth!


-Kristine Fladeboe Duininck

Fladeboe Auctions

Heller Group – 1 Stop Realty, Inc.