9 Farms Sold & 2 to go!

June 25, 2013 by Heller Group
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Our auction team this morning sold 3 farms and this afternoon sold 6 farms in Wheaton, MN for Minnesota Farms Co. from Appleton, MN. Just taking a break for dinner and at 7 PM have 2 farms left to sell that are located north of Wheaton.

Bidding has been active and prices strong. The buyers this afternoon bid on 6 farms while we used our computer generated auction program.

If anyone is thinking of selling farmland, especially when a multi-parcel option exists, our auction program will maximize the bidding and selling price on your farmland. Call us for a no-obligation consultation on how this program cam maximize land prices for the seller.

Kirk & Wendy came up from our home office in Kasson, MN and assisted the Heller Group today. More later


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