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Who to Consider to be Your Personal Representative

Its not uncommon for the maker of a Will to name an adult child to be the Personal Representative (PR). That might be a good choice if their temperament, integrity, and skill set allow them to carry out their duties effectively. Your child presumably know your intentions and can readily find the assets that need […]

Duties of an Estate’s Personal Representative and When the Duties Start

Your estate requires a Personal Representative, or simply PR, to do some or all of the following as part of the probate process: *Locate your will *Retain an attorney *Order death certificates *Gather information relative to your assets and liabilities *Open an estate bank account *Gather and protect all of your assets *File tax forms* […]

Choosing an Estate Personal Representative – Part 1

I’m an auctioneer and also a Realtor at Heller Group – 1-Stop Realty. Realtors and Auctioneers have worked very closely with many different Personal Representatives over the years. For one to choose a good Personal Representative will have a huge impact on your estate. First, let’s look at the responsibilities of a Personal Representative (PR) […]