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Marshall, Minnesota Land Auction

  We have finished another auction and we are excited to share the results!       Parcel 1:   $8,961/acre         Parcel 2:   $8,446/acre           Again, we would like to thank everyone who came to the auction.  Please check back for further sale updates or upcoming auctions, or if anyone […]

Great Day Of Auctions!

  We just finished with our three auctions in one day in Wheaton, MN! For anyone that is curious about the prices the land went for, here are some figures: 10:00 AM Auction: Parcel 1:  $8,755/acre Parcel 2:  $5,253/acre Parcel 3:  $5,000/acre     1:30 PM Multi-Parcel Auction: Parcel 1: $8,044/acre Parcel 2: $8,044/acre Parcel 3: $9,218/acre […]

9 Farms Sold & 2 to go!

Our auction team this morning sold 3 farms and this afternoon sold 6 farms in Wheaton, MN for Minnesota Farms Co. from Appleton, MN. Just taking a break for dinner and at 7 PM have 2 farms left to sell that are located north of Wheaton. Bidding has been active and prices strong. The buyers […]

Wheaton, Herman & Donnelly Area Info Meeting

On Tuesday, June 18th, 7 PM, Heller Group will be conducting a Real Estate informational meeting.  This meeting will consist of information on the bidding procedures, terms/conditions of the auction and other information/questions potential bidders may have on the farms offered on the Real Estate Auction for Minnesota Farms Company.  On the 25th of June, 2013, this […]